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Thun Palace, Prague, Czechoslovakia was yet another of the residences of Count Walter Leslie. There has been a house on the site since before the 14th century. The original house was burnt down in 1420, during the Hussite Wars. The house was forfeited by the then owner in 1634, when it passed into the possession of Count Albrecht von Wallenstein, who was assassinated later that year by Walter Leslie.

After lengthy negotiations, Walter Leslie acquired the house in 1652 and sold it four years later, at a great profit, to Count Quibold Thun, Papal Legate and Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, whose family retained possession of the house until it was leased to the British Government in 1919 by Count Thun-Salm and then sold it to the British Government in 1925 for the sum of 67,000 pounds sterling, who use it to this day as the British Embassy in Prague.

The picture shows the Thun Palace built into the hillside, in front of and below Prague Castle in the Mala Strana district, known as Prague's little quarter.