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Castle Leslie, Glaslough, Ireland - The family of Leslie of Glaslough, Co Monaghan, Ireland is descended from the Barons of Wardis. George Leslie of Crichie, Aberdeenshire was the second son of William 4th Baron of Wardis and his wife, Janet Innes of the Innermarkie family, and their eldest son, John, was the founder of the Leslie's of Glaslough. Interestingly enough, their third son, Henry, had a son who became the Right Rev John Leslie DD, Bishop of Dromore, and who was translated to the See of Clogher in 1671 and his daughter; Jane married the Rev Charles Leslie of Glaslough.

The Rev Charles Leslie was the sixth and only surviving son of the Right Rev John Leslie of Glaslough [see Raphoe Palace] who went to England to study law, but found it rather uncongenial and after further studies on the continent to decided to return to Ireland, where he married his cousin, Jane. They had two sons, Robert and Henry. Henry went to Spain and married, but died childless, Robert succeeded his father as 3rd of Glaslough and married Frances Rogerson. They had two children, Charles Powell and Annabella and when their father died 17th December 1744, Charles Powell Leslie succeeded his father, as 4th of Glaslough.

Charles Powell Leslie, 4th of Glaslough married Prudence Penelope Trevor 22nd May 1765 and their first son and heir was another Charles Powell, while their second son was the Right Rev John Leslie, D.D. Bishop of Dromore. Charles Powell undertook the education of the fourth son of his wive's sister, who became the great Duke of Wellington, of Waterloo fame. Charles Powell Leslie, 4th of Glaslough was the member of Parliament for the County of Monaghan until 1800, when he died and was succeeded by his son, Charles Powell Leslie, 5th of Glaslough.

Charles Powell Leslie, represented Monaghan during seven successive terms and was also the High Sheriff of Monaghan. He married secondly, Christiana Fosbery of Clorane and had a son, Charles Powell Leslie, 6th of Glaslough, who was born 13th September 1821. Charles Powell Leslie, 5th of Glaslough, died 15th November 1831 and was succeeded by his son, Charles Powell Leslie, 6th of Glaslough, who also represented Monaghan in the Parliament.

John Leslie, 7th of Glaslough, later 1st Baronet rebuilt Castle Leslie as it is today. He married Constance, the daughter of Minnie Seymour, reputed to have been King George IV daughter by Mrs Fitzherbert. Sir John Leslie 2nd Baronet of Glaslough met and married Leonie Jerome, sister of Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill's mother. Winston spent many hours at Glaslough, but the Leslie's were considered to be the "poor relations".

Sir Shane 3rd Baronet was a poet, author and an ardent speaker as well as an passionate Irish nationalist. He turned Roman Catholic and retreated into a monastery. He then met Marjorie Ide, daughter of Henry Clay Ide, Chief Justice of Samoa and married. He found that he was not interested in running the Estate and made it over to his eldest son John, who became the 4th Baronet on his father's death. John's health was not very robust from spending five years as a prisoner of war and he made the Estate over to his younger sister Anita, the famous author. He then spent 40 years in Rome but returned to Glaslough, where he now lives. You will remember that he kept the secret of Sir Paul McCartney's wedding very quiet, until he asked the waiting news media to keep it secret. The daughter of Sir John's younger brother, Desmond, who was a wartime fighter pilot and well-known author, now runs the Glaslough Estate. He co-authored the book " Flying Saucers Have Landed". Desmond's daughter Samantha Leslie runs the Estate as well as an equestrian centre on the Estate.