Clan Leslie Society    
Australia & New Zealand


Our Former Clan Chief

The Right Honorable, Ian Lionel Malcolm
21st. Earl Of Rothes

Our Clan Chief was born in London on the 10th May 1932 and succeeded to the title when his father, Malcolm George Dyer Edwardes, 20th Earl of Rothes died, 7th May 1975. He lives quietly in the south of England with his wife Marigold, whom he married in 1955.


Ian Lionel Malcolm Leslie, 21st Earl of Rothes, died in Salisbury, England, on the 15th April 2005 after a long illness.

Lord Ian Rothes was born in 1932, the only son of Malcolm 20th Earl of Rothes and was only seven when the family moved to the south of England. In 1950 he joined the Royal Navy as a cadet and served on HMS Vanguard. After serving in various areas he left the Royal Navy and went to work for a publishing house and for the next eleven years he travelled around Europe and North America.

In 1955 Ian married Marigold, daughter of Sir David Evans-Bevan and their first son James Malcolm David, Lord Leslie was born in 1958 and their second son, Alexander John Leslie was born in 1962.

In 1975, on the death of his father, Ian succeeded to the Earldom, which kindled his interest in the family history and it was decided to have a Leslie participation in the International Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh in 1977. As a result of this and contacts made in Edinburgh the idea of a Clan Leslie Society developed.

In April 1978, Ian Rothes appointed an American Diplomat, Alexander Leslie Klieforth, (descended from Leslies who had gone to Russia), as his Commissioner for North America, with the specific task of organising and establishing the American Clan Leslie Society.

In 2001, Ian Rothes appointed Barrie Leslie (descended from George 1st Earl of Rothes) as his Commissioner for Australia and New Zealand, to watch over the new Society, Clan Leslie Society of Australia and New Zealand and Barrie has been instrumental in arranging an English translation of the Laurus Lesleana, first published in Latin in 1692.

In 1982, Ian Rothes established the Clan Leslie Charitable Trust. It was registered under Scottish Law in Edinburgh. The objective of the Trust is to act as a worldwide independent body for the collection of historical relics of Scotland, especially those relating to Clan Leslie.

On the death of Ian, 21st Earl of Rothes, his eldest son James Malcolm David Leslie, Lord Leslie, succeeded as the 22nd Earl of Rothes and Ian Rothe's second son, the Hon Alexander John Leslie has become one of the Trustees of the Clan Leslie Charitable Trust. He has also been appointed Chief of Clan Leslie, in place of his elder brother, James 22nd Earl of Rothes.

Barrie Leslie.
Sydney Australia
24th December 2009.