A Celtic Cross


RICHARD LESLIE BURCHER. Born 21st September 1958, is a 4th generation New Zealander and a descendant of Patrick Leslie, 2nd son of the 9th Laird of Warthill.

He graduated in law from Auckland University in 1980 and was admitted to the Bar in the following year. Richard joined a law practice at Matamata, in the Waikato and became a partner in 1984.

In 1986 he established a part time branch office in Katikati, in the Bay of Plenty and in 1987, moved there from Matamata. He has built up the client list and it is now a very busy practice.

Richard has a Master's paper in Intellectual Property and is a Notary Public, a mediator and is a Certified Company Director. He and his wife, Gail have three teenage sons.

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